Bell Peppers


Available in a rainbow of colors, bell peppers range from tangy to sweet. Use the links below to find nutrition education materials about sweet bell peppers.

Bell Pepper Recipes


Quantity recipes containing bell peppers from the USDA Mixing Bowl.

Peppers Fact Sheet (PDF | 430 KB)

Mississippi State University Extension Service.

This fact sheet provides growing information, food safety tips, nutrient information, mealtime ideas, fun facts, and ways to involve children in preparation. From One to Grow On: A Garden-Based Learning Program for Preschoolers.

Watch Your Garden Grow: Peppers

University of Illinois Extension.

Web site contains in depth information on bell peppers including varieties, planting and growing as well as selection, storage, nutritional information and preparation techniques.

Red Bell Pepper Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

Provided as a complimentary source of high quality digital photographs available from the Agricultural Research Service Information Staff. Bell pepper photos include: