Earth Day

Earth Day Take Home Kit


The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides plenty of educational sources for children to learn more about earth day.

Cooks for Kids: Cooking Green Across America

Institute of Child Nutrition.

This program looks at the foods served at schools from seed to table and back to dirt through composting. It shows the connection schools have with local farms, how school gardens are used to teach children about where food comes from, how to improve student nutrition, and ways schools are becoming more eco-friendly.

Environmental Management

Locate information on cleaning, energy conservation, recycling, and waste management programs.

Farm to School

Learn how to start a school garden in your community! Explore the different resources and see the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

National Earth Day

Earth Day Network.

This site offers current news and resources on "going green" with topics including school gardens, composting and reusable school lunch trays.