National Sweet Potato Month

Cooking with Fresh Vegetables: Focus on Sweet Potatoes (PDF | 2 MB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Provides preparation tips, activities to conduct with young children, and teaching points about sweet potatoes. From the Mealtime Memo for Child Care series.

Healthy Spencer Sweet Potato Healthy Spencer Sweet Potato Posters (PDF | 1.62 MB)

North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.

Spencer Sweet Potato shows kids how to stay healthy through physical activity and eating healthy foods, like sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Fact Sheet (PDF | 129 KB)

Mississippi State University Extension Service.

This fact sheet provides growing information, food safety tips, nutrient information, mealtime ideas, fun facts, and ways to involve children in preparation. From One to Grow On: A Garden-Based Learning Program for Preschoolers.

Sweet Potato Recipes

USDA. Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services.

From the What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.

What's in Season?

Discover when sweet potatos as well as many other fruits and vegetables are in season.