National Salad Month

Celebrate National Salad Month with Build a Salad Day

Oklahoma State University Extention.

Provides tips and tools for celebrating salad month in the classroom.

May is National Salad Month!

University of Illinois Extension.

Tips for buying, storing, preparing, and eating salads. Also, includes a recipe for "Asian Chicken Salad" with a nutritional analysis.

Salad Recipes

USDA. Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services.

From the What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.

Salads and Soups These recipes provide Child Nutrition Program operators with delicious new dishes that meet meal pattern requirements. These recipes are standardized to provide updated crediting information, including the vegetable subgroups. They also include recipes made with legumes, whole grains, and/or dark green, red, and/or orange vegetables.


Best Practices: Handling Fresh Produce in Schools

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service; National Food Service Management Institute

A food safety guide to handling produce in schools to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Fruits and Vegetables Bulletin Board Resources

A list of resources to decorate your cafeteria and get the kids excited about eating their greens.

Fruits & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Tips for planning, purchasing, protecting, preparing, presenting and promoting fruits and vegetables in a school foodservice environment.

Teach About Lettuce

Lettuce and Salad Greens Handout (PDF|2.6 MB). Network for a Healthy California. Harvest of the Month.

Salad Greens Family Newsletter (PDF|931KB).  Also available in Spanish  and Arabic. Michigan Fitness Foundation. Michigan Nutrition Network. Harvest of the Month.

Food $ense for Kids: Lettuce (DOC|8.3MB).Utah State University.

Lettuce Exploration (K-2). Growing Minds Farm to School.

Nutrition for Older Adults' Health: Leafy Greens (PDF|370KB).University of Georgia.

Promoting Lettuce. University of Minnesota Extension. Farm to School.