National Food Safety Education Month

Food Safety Resources

Food safety resources for child nutrition professionals and pertaining to child care, food allergies, and more.

Fight Bac!

Partnership for Food Safety Education.

The Fight Bac campaign offers resources and information to consumers regarding food safety. The kids section of the website provides curriculum, games, and activities for grades K-12.

Food Safety

Food Safety. DHHS.

The government provides federal food safety information, recalls, and alerts; you can also report problems with foods and food poisoning incidents. There is also a News for Food Safety Educators section that provides tips, resources, and announcements for upcoming meetings, conferences, and workshops.

September Is National Food Safety Education Month


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention promotes September as National Food Safety Education Month and offers plenty of resources and information related to food born illness and food safety.

Food Safety Bulletin Board Resources

Use these posters and images to remind your students and staff about the importance of proper food handling procedures, and other food safety topics.

Food Safety Games and Activities

It's never too early to learn about food safety. Use these resources to make food safety fun for your students!

Food Safety and Nutrition Information for Kids and Teens

USDA. Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Resources that can be used to help kids and teens learn about food safety and nutrition. Includes games, activities, podcasts, articles, and curricula.

Hand Washing

All the fun and festivities of the holiday can be distracting. Don't forget to wash those hands!

Serving it Safe, 4th Edition

National Food Service Management Institute.

Serving It Safe provides foodservice personnel at all levels with an up-to-date source of information for managing a safe and sanitary foodservice operation. Includes a manual, trainer's guide, participant workbook, mini posters, and video clips.