Common Questions

Q: How do I contact my State Agency?

A: The USDA's Child Nutrition Programs are managed by FNS State agencies. To participate, or to learn more, contact your State agency using the information found at the following link:

Q. What are the regulations for school meals?

A: To view Legislation, Regulations, or Policies related to the USDA's Child Nutrition Programs, please visit the following section of the Food and Nutrition Service Web site:

Q: How do I order your materials?

A: The Healthy Meals Resource System (HMRS) provides access to resources and training materials developed by other organizations for Child Nutrition personnel. HMRS does not develop nor distribute educational materials.

To find out if a material you are interested is available to order, please contact the developer directly. On the HMRS Web site, this information is listed directly under the title of the resource. In the Education and Training Materials Database, this information can be found in the Ordering Information section.

Ordering information for Team Nutrition publications can be found on their Web site. Visit their Resource Library and click on the title of interest.

Q: I'm planning a health fair. Can you send me free materials?

A: The Healthy Meals Resource System is located at the Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) of the USDA National Agricultural Library. Since FNIC is not a clearinghouse and cannot distribute materials in bulk, the Center has developed a resource entitled, "Sources of Free and Low Cost Nutrition Education Materials" to help others locate free and low-cost food and nutrition materials.