Let's All Go To The Lunchroom! Video (2013)

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Tamara Earl, SNS, Child Nutrition Supervisor, Mason City Schools, Mason, OH
This video was produced to communicate to the students and families in grades 1-6 of the Mason City School District the new regulations and the use of the MyPlate as a tool for healthy eating decisions. The production was developed by Child Nutrition Supervisor, Tamara Earl, and Assistant Supervisor, Janelle Brunswick who worked with Moonbeam Studios. Tamara and Janelle wrote the words set to the tune of “We Won’t Go Home Till Morning”. Students performing the song were under the direction of High School Choir Director, Elaine Santos. Students who participated in the video were under the direction of the first grade music teacher, Doug Parrott. The video was released prior to the start of school via an email to all families in the first through sixth grade as well as played at open houses. The video was then shown the first day of school in the elementary classrooms. In addition, the video has been used to support nutrition education in the classroom by the Child Nutrition Department.