Students Taking Charge

Action for Healthy Kids.

Students can use this Web site to get ideas, plan a project, and share their success stories in supporting wellness in their schools.

Healthier Middle Schools Everyone Can Help (2011)

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Series of communication tools for teachers, principals, parents, food service managers and students, with videos and handouts for each audience.

Food on the Run: Lessons from a Youth Nutrition and Physical Activity Campaign (June 2004) (PDF | 3.3 MB)

California Project LEAN.

This document describes the steps for implementing a nutrition and physical activity youth advocacy program. Chapter topics include: recruiting and working with teens, training teens on physical activity and nutrition, taking action for change, and many more.

Student Discussion Groups (July 2011) (PDF | 67.7 KB)

Minnesota Department of Health.

Form and run efficient student groups to better understand students' perspectives on school wellness.

Tips for Involving Students in School Health and Wellness (PDF | 47.7 KB)

Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion at Penn State College.

Examples for elementary, middle, and high schools to use for involving students in wellness initiatives.