Success Stories/Best Practices

Looking for examples of success or more ideas? Check out these stories to boost your wellness efforts.

Putting Local School Wellness Policies into Action: Stories from Schools


Read these 11 stories from a diverse group of schools that succeeded in improving students’ nutritional and physical activity status through Local Wellness Policy. Each story provides examples of steps and strategies used to implement wellness policies, including activities in key areas such as improving school meals and increasing physical activity levels among students.

Wellness Stories (2016)

Alliance for Healthier Generation.

Various success stories from across the country on wellness initiatives in schools and afterschool. Scroll to the bottom of the page to filter by category or use a search term.

Case Studies (2016)

California Project LEAN.

Learn what prompted schools to take health initiatives in wellness policy through these case studies. Read how schools found solutions, implemented changes, and experienced benefits as a result of policy change.

Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity: School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (September 2011)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity: School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

School Nutrition Success Stories (August 2016)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Making It Happen! School Nutrition Success Stories tells the stories of schools and school districts that have implemented innovative strategies to improve the nutritional quality of foods and beverages sold outside of Federal meal programs. Can filter by category including nutrition polices and standards, parental leadership, and more!

ICN Best Practice Guide for Increasing Middle/Junior High School Student Participation and Satisfaction in the National School Lunch Program (2015)

ICN. The University of Southern Mississippi.

Use of this resource can help SN directors focus improvement efforts on best practices that will produce the most impact on middle/junior high school students’ participation in the NSLP and satisfaction with their school lunch experience.

ICN Insights

Institute of Child Nutrition.

ICN Insight is an informational newsletter based on research and educational projects sponsored by the Institute of Child Nutrition Applied Research Division. This user-friendly publication summarizes the research or project and emphasizes the "so what" by giving practical suggestions that can be used by local CNP directors to enhance their operations.

                            ICN Insights – Insight No. 51 -- Exploring School Nutrition Professionals' Preferences of USDA Recipes for Meeting USDA Meal Pattern Requirements
                            ICN Insights - Insight No. 54 -- Best Practice Guide for Increasing Student Participation and Satisfaction with the National School Lunch Program
                            ICN Insights - Insight No. 55 -- Exploring the Utilization of Key Performance Indicators by School Nutrition Directors