Wellness Policy Elements

Nutrition education Nutrition Education

Find lesson plans, activities, tips, strategies, resources, posters, and more to help you make healthy eating a fun part of your school!

Mother and daughter food shopping Nutrition Promotion

Create school environments that encourage healthy nutrition choices through messages and activities that inspire school community members to take action.

Boy climbing jungle gym Physical Activity

Help motivate children to move more and sit less with these physical activity resources.

Student selecting food All Foods and Beverages Available on Campus

Use these resources to provide healthy choices on the school campus—whether they be in the cafeteria, school store, vending machines, classroom, or fundraisers.

Students participating in farm to school event Other School-Based Activities

Promote student health and wellness through other activities and programs for your school.

School snacks Food and Beverage Marketing

Check out these resources for information about food marketing practices on the school campus. Choose to promote healthy foods and beverages!