State School Health Policies and Resources

State School Health Policy Database

National Association of State Boards of Education.

The Database is a comprehensive set of laws and policies from 50 states on more than 40 school health topics. The database contains brief descriptions of laws, legal codes, rules, regulations, administrative orders, mandates, standards, resolutions, and other written means of exercising authority.

State Laws for School Snack Foods and Beverages

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This Web site presents extensive data on laws for school snack foods and beverages in every state - from bans on soda in elementary schools to limits on the fat content of snacks in high schools - in a visually appealing, easily searchable format. Data can be organized by state, by school year, by grade level, by locations of sale, and by specific nutritional standards.

State Sharing Center

USDA. HMRS. Team Nutrition.

View State Agency contact information, as well as State-developed nutrition education and food service training materials, materials developed as part of a Team Nutrition Training Grant, and other tools.