All Foods and Beverages Available on Campus

Use these resources to provide healthy choices on the school campus—whether they be in the cafeteria, school store, vending machines, classroom, or fundraisers.

Food and Beverage Marketing


Marketing for foods and beverages can be seen in schools on posters, the fronts of vending machines, textbook covers, and scoreboards. School districts should consider putting policies and practices into place that promote foods and beverages that support healthy diets (e.g., fruits and vegetables, plain water).

National Standards and Guidelines

View the nutrition standards and guidelines to promote healthy eating in schools.

School Meals

Find resources on the School Breakfast Program, National School Lunch Program, recipes, meal planning, food safety, and more! Under each program are resources to plan, purchase, prepare, taste-test, and promote healthy school meal choices.

Beyond the Cafeteria

Take a look at these resources for ways to promote healthy eating habits throughout the school, not just in the cafeteria such as vending machines, fundraisers, classroom celebrations, water access, and more!