Healthy Celebrations

Classroom Celebrations

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Check out these fun and healthy ideas for classroom celebrations and seasonal holidays. The following ideas will help you incorporate healthier snacks and physical
activity into these special events. They include ways that these events can support the learning in the six Discover MyPlate lessons, but you can also use these ideas anytime.

School Celebrations (2005)

North Carolina Eat Smart Move More.

Includes sample policy language for celebrations, plus ideas for healthy celebrations.

Healthy Celebrations-Let's Celebrate!

Alliance for A Healthier Generation.

Provides the background on why celebrations matter with helpful, simple ideas for non-food celebrations and celebrations using healthy foods and beverages.

Healthy Ideas for Student Rewards (2003) (PDF | 105 KB)

Montana Team Nutrition.

Discover healthy alternatives to food rewards with this list of ideas and vendors.

Constructive Classroom Rewards: Promoting Good Habits While Protecting Children's Health (PDF | 1.89 MB)

Center for Science in the Public Interest.

A wide variety of alternative rewards can be used to provide positive reinforcement for children’s behavior and academic performance. This infographic summarizes beneficial and inexpensive ways to reward kids for performing well that don't involve food.

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Weld County School District 6, Colorado.

Resources for classroom party kits, celebrations, and contests.

Healthy Celebrations (January 2013) (PDF | 1.19 MB)

KSDE. Child Nutrition & Wellness.

There are many opportunities for celebration throughout the year, from birthdays to holidays to other special occasions that may occur. Food and beverages are often a part of celebrations, but they don’t have to be the center of attention. With a few easy changes, the focus at parties can shift from unhealthy food to healthy fun!

Let's Party! School Party Ideas (PDF/8.11 MB) (April 2010)

West Virginia Department of Education.

Each party theme in this booklet features active play and games, art and music, and healthful foods.

Healthy Celebrations (PDF/413 KB) (November 2011)

Connecticut State Department of Education.

How-to's for happy, healthy parties, benefits of healthy celebrations, healthy food ideas, and more!

Ghoulishly Great Ideas for Halloween Parties & Trick-or-Treating (PDF/248 KB)

Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Healthy Halloween party ideas, snacks, giveaways, and recipes.