Child Nutrition Database

Child Nutrition Database

The Web Tool is closed, but not locked.   We encourage you to wait to submit or edit data until notified by USDA

The Child Nutrition Database (CNDB) is a required part of the nutrient analysis software approved by USDA for use in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Food product data is collected for the following 18 nutrients: calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, iron, ash, total sugars, and moisture.

Submitting Nutrient Data for Inclusion in the CN Database

USDA Child Nutrition (CN) Database Online Web Tool for Submitting Nutrient Data

The online tool is currently closed for collection of food product nutrient data for the Child Nutrition Database.  Additional notifications will be provided for submitting data for inclusion in the future. Please contact if you have additional questions. 

Food Manufacturers:  The Web Tool is currently closed for collection of data for the CN Database.   


Child Nutrition Database Release 21

(Child Nutrition Database MS Access Database (Access 2002 – 2003 file format [.mdb format])
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(NOTE:  The CN Database website will not display correctly in Internet Explorer.  You must use a different browser to download the CN21 files, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.)

System Components and File Formats (documentation) [NOTE - Document revised 8/28/17 to correct the dates for the new records and modified records (as shown in notes below)].
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Comments and Notes for the CN21 Release

A record with a date after 3/11/17 in the “date_added” field is a new record in the CN21 release.  A record with a date after 3/23/17 in the “last_modified” field and different from the date in the “date_added” field contains a revised value in one or more of its fields with the CN21 release.

The CNDB is no longer being released in the plain text file format.

Fields for potassium (milligrams) and vitamin D (micrograms) are now provided in the CNDB.

Data for 122 new USDA Standardized Recipes (source code 2) was added to CN21.

379 new source code 3 (food industry) food items, including items from 12 new food companies were added to CN21.

133 source code 4 (USDA Foods) items from nine food companies were added to CN21.

No changes were made to the source code 1 data because SR has not been updated since the release of CN20.

121 source code 3 (FDES) records are marked “d” in CN21 with five weights (WGHT) records and 2,181 nutrient value (NUTVAL) records also marked “d” in CN21.  Source code 1 data marked “d” in CN20, remains “d” in CN21.

For source codes 2 and 4, 443 food item (FDES) records, 526 weights (WGHT) records, and 7,088 nutrient value (NUTVAL) records marked “d” in CN20 were removed from CN21.  No source code 3 items were marked “d” in CN20, so none were removed from CN21.

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