Onions and Leeks

photo of assorted onions

Because the onion family includes many varieties, onions can grow throughout many parts of the United States and are in good supply during colder months. The links below provide information on several members of the onion family, including leeks and green onions.

Onion Recipes


Quantity recipes containing onions from the USDA Mixing Bowl.

Onion Newsletter (PDF | 841KB)

Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

This 7 page newsletter provides a wealth of nutrition education material specific to Onions. Mini articles review selection, storage and preparation tips, and one page is devoted to reviewing the many varieties of onions complete with colored photographs and in depth descriptions. One article discusses how these vegetables fit into MyPyramid. Several recipes are provided as well as a quiz and games.

Watch Your Garden Grow: Onions

University of Illinois Extension.

Web site contains in depth information on onions including varieties, planting and growing as well as selection, storage, nutritional information and preparation techniques.


Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

Visitors to this web site can download and distribute newsletters, recipes, bookmarks, and other materials related to onions.