Help Searching the Recipe Finder Database

Why am I not getting any results when I search?

The following tips will help improve your Recipe Finder search results:

          • You can search for recipes by ingredient, course, cuisine, meal pattern or source.
          • Make sure to click the 'Search' button after entering your terms for a simple search.
          • Click on the 'Clear Form' button to begin a new search or change options during a search.
          • Simplify and check your spelling.

Why don't all the fields show up for each recipe?

Some materials may have empty fields. This may occur because the field is not applicable to the particular recipe, or because our team is still in the process of adding information regarding the recipe. Please note that not all recipes have been standardized or tested by the USDA.

How can I print recipes from the Recipe Finder?

To print a recipe from the database, click on “Printer-Friendly Version” in the upper right-hand corner of the recipe- this will open a new browser window with only the recipe displayed. Use your browser’s print function to print a copy of the recipe.

About Recipe Search Results

The Recipe Search Results will include the recipe title. Click on the title to display the recipe. USDA standardized or tested recipes have a Yes in the USDA column.