Whole Grains Bulletin Board Resources

A father and son make pizzas Nutrition Education Photos Featuring Whole Grains

USDA. NAL. SNAP-Ed Connection.

High-quality, professionally produced photographs from the SNAP-Ed Photo Gallery.

Choose MyPlate icon Make Half Your Grains Whole Tip Sheet (PDF | 675.78 KB)

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Part of the Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series, these printable tip sheets for consumers and professionals are perfect as handouts or posting on a bulletin board.

MyPlate Grain Group Graphic MyPlate Grain Group Graphic

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Additional formats and colors are available from the ChooseMyPlate.gov site.

Examples of whole grain foods Examples of Whole Grains (PDF | 1.44 MB)

California Department of Public Health. California WIC Program.

Poster in English and Spanish, with photos and text of the following grain foods: Corn, Wheat, Brown Rice, Oats, and Barley.

Grain Clipart Grain Clipart


Provides a variety of grain food clipart, for free use.

What is a whole grain poster What is a Whole Grain? (PDF | 480 KB)

California Department of Public Health. California WIC Program.

This poster, in English and Spanish, shows a simple diagram of the bran, endosperm, and germ and quick facts about their importance.

Grains with Gusto Mini-Poster Grains with Gusto Mini-Poster (2011) (PDF | 2.4 MB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Whole-grain food is defined as "a food product with whole grain as the primary ingredient by weight." Use this great poster today!

Whole grain diagram Whole Grain Nutrition Education Display

University of Missouri Extension.

The Show Me Nutrition Education Displays are professionally designed bulletin board displays with handouts that feature researched-based information from University of Missouri Extension. They are designed for teachers and school staff.

Whole wheat bread Whole Grains Photo Gallery

Whole Grains Council.

Create a beautiful display with these photos of whole grain foods. These images may be reproduced, as long as the appropriate credit, listed under each photo, is given. High-res versions are available by request, using the information provided at the link.