Resources for Child Care

Food Allergy Tools and Resources

Food Allergy Research and Education.

Provides a variety of resources for parents, students, teens, healthcare providers, schools, child care facilities, food manufacturers, and more. Specific resources for child care include:

Food Allergies or Just Food Fussiness? (PDF | 276 KB)

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

This fact sheet, from the publication Nibbles for Health provides basic information about food allergies in young children.

Food Allergy Fact Sheets

Institute of Child Nutrition.

A series of fact sheets that provide an overview of food allergies, the top 8 food allergies, how to manage food allergies, and common questions regarding food allergies in Child Nutrition Programs.

From the Trainer's Tablet: Lessons for Family/Home Child Care Providers (PDF | 543 KB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

This resource was developed for child care providers to train staff and includes complete lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoint slides.

Recognizing and Responding to Food Allergy Symptoms (PDF | 383 KB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Part of the series of Child Care Fact Sheets, this resource provides basic facts about food allergies, signs of an anaphylactic reaction, and a list of common allergens.