Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures (2014)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Features 20 HACCP-based standard operating procedures that identify Critical Control Points, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, suggested record keeping documents, and verification procedures.

School Food Service HACCP Resources

Iowa State University Extension.

Includes a lesson plan, case studies, and HACCP-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

HACCP - Seven Steps to Food Safety Online Video

North Dakota State University.

Introductory video on HACCP and its seven principles. Includes acceptable and unacceptable demonstrations of food safety.

School Food Safety Program Based on HACCP Principles (June 2005) (PDF | 1.17 MB)


Guidance for school food authorities for developing a school food safety program based on HACCP principles.

School Nutrition Programs HACCP Webinar

Kansas Department of Education.

Learn the process approach to HACCP and how every food service employee has an important part in its implementation. See the Web site to receive directions for joining the Webinar.