Shared Use Agreements

Incorporating Shared Use into Local School Wellness Policies (July 2015)

ChangeLab Solutions.

ChangeLab Solutions developed this model policy language for school districts that are interested in demonstrating strong support for shared use of school district facilities in their local school wellness policy.

Shaping NJ: Joint Use Toolkit (June 2012)

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. Office of Nutrition and Fitness.

This document provides an overview of joint use agreements with steps and model policies to facilitate implementation.

Finding Space to Play: Legal and Policy Issues Impacting Community Recreational Use of School Property (April 2012)

Public Health Law Center.

This source identifies policy initiatives being pursued at the state and local levels and by national public health organizations in an effort to promote community recreational use of school properties.

Promoting Physical Activity through the Shared Use of School and Community Recreational Resources (April 2012)

Active Living Research.

This brief summarizes research on community access to school sport and recreation facilities outside of school hours, as well as studies that examine the shared use of school facilities and programs with other community groups or agencies. It also describes challenges commonly associated with the shared use of recreational facilities, and opportunities for policy-makers at the state and local level.

Disparities in Shared Use Agreements, Policies, and Plans (February 2016)

Bridging the Gap.

This brief examines how likely children and teenagers younger than age 18 live in communities that have adopted shared use agreements in the form of resolutions, ordinances, or formal agreements, and the partnerships involved with those agreements.

School districts can help promote physical activity by including provisions in their wellness policies that allow and encourage shared use of school facilities.