Other Special Needs

Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs (2001) (PDF | 849 KB)


Provides definitions of disability and other special dietary needs, guidance on legal issues and liability, special situations and responses, and sample documentation.

CARE Connection: Special Needs in Child Care

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Lessons and materials to assist child care providers in addressing special diet and nutrition needs.

Guide to Special Nutrition Needs and Fact Sheets (2009)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

These colorful fact sheets provide nutrition information for students with special nutrition needs. Intended for teachers, school nutrition staff, school nurses, school administrators, families, and students with special food and nutrition needs.

Helping Child Nutrition Professionals Communicate Effectively with the Families of Special Needs Children (May 2009)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

This one-hour Webinar empowers child nutrition professionals with various communication tools and case presentations.

Special Needs Care for the Young Child (2001) (PDF | 149 KB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

The edition of Mealtime Memo (2008-2016) aids child care providers in accommodating children with special needs.

Special Food for Special Kids: A Team Approach to Accommodating Food Allergies and Special Diet Needs (April 2008)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

In response to the growing concern about food allergies in schools, this one-hour Webinar covered current laws governing special diet needs in schools, food allergy basics, non-allergic special diet needs, and the special diet management team.

Nutrition Services for Special Health Care Needs-Updated Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper (2011-2012)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Position statement from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, that addresses nutrition services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and special health care needs.