Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

Bulletin Boards in a SNAP was developed by the Wyoming State Nutrition Action Plan (SNAP) team. Wyoming SNAP Team members include the Wyoming Department of Education, Team Nutrition, Wyoming Department of Health, Wyoming Women, Infants and Children Program, University of Wyoming Cent$ible Nutrition Program, Indian Health Services, and Wyoming Department of Family Services. The Wyoming Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and the University of Wyoming College of Health Sciences provided funding for the project.

The purpose of the project is to communicate consistent nutrition messages through multiple channels in order to reduce the risk of overweight and obesity in Wyoming.

The bulletin boards can be used in a variety of community settings to convey nutrition and physical activity messages. All the graphics, handouts, activities and background information are provided for 8 bulletin boards. The bulletin boards can be displayed each month or used as needed.

ABC Activities

Shows ideas to develop a working relationship with various programs, agencies, organizations, and institutions to help prevent obesity. Also encourages development of a tool that promotes physical activity in the preschool age children that can be utilized by people who live and work with preschool age children.

Choose Healthy Snacks After School

Offers easy ideas for eating healthy snacks.

Family Fun Time

Encourages families to increase play time together, increase physical activity, and appreciate fun physical activities that can be done together.

Supermarket Sweep

Displays how to identify "sometimes foods" vs "anytime foods."

Turn off the TV

Offers easy ideas for eating healthy snacks.

What's the Big Sweat about Dehydration?

Explains the benefits of hydration, facts, and ways to get more water in your day.