New School Cuisine cover New School Cuisine: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks (PDF | 22.91 MB)

Vermont FEED. Vermont Agency of Education. School Nutrition Association of Vermont.

This cookbook was developed by Vermont school cooks and features 80 student-tested quantity recipes. Each recipe is in USDA format and includes a nutritional analysis and crediting information.

Sizzling School Lunches: Indiana Cooks with Chef Cyndie (2013) (PDF | 11.2 MB)

Indiana Department of Education. Office of School and Community Nutrition.

A collection of recipes, each focused on a fruit or vegetable.

Alaska Lunch Tray (PDF | 2.27 MB)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

This document illustrates the food sources each part of Alaska produces for use in schools.

Mealtime Minutes - Inspiring Success: Illinois Child Care Wellness Team Nutrition Training Sub-grants (September 2013) Mealtime Minutes - Inspiring Success: Illinois Child Care Wellness Team Nutrition Training Sub-grants (September 2013) (PDF | 3 MB)

Illinois State Board of Education Nutrition and Wellness Programs.

This bonus Mealtime Minutes highlights Work Plans submitted by child care facilities that received an Illinois Child Care Wellness— Team Nutrition Training Sub-grant. It provides many great examples of nutrition and wellness education activities and may be used as a resource to enhance health and wellness efforts at your own child care facilities.

bunch of fresh spinach Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Nutrition Education Tip Sheets (PDF | 1.6 MB)

KSDE. Child Nutrition & Wellness.

Tip sheets provide growing information, nutrition facts, and serving suggestions. Produce included: asparagus, avocado, blueberries, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kiwifruit, mango, peaches, pineapple, red pepper, spinach, and sugar snap peas.

Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

Wyoming State Nutrition Action Plan (SNAP) Team.

These bulletin boards can be used in a variety of community settings to convey nutrition and physical activity messages. All the graphics, handouts, activities and background information are provided.

Healthy Celebrations (January 2013) (PDF | 1.19 MB)

KSDE. Child Nutrition & Wellness.

There are many opportunities for celebration throughout the year, from birthdays to holidays to other special occasions that may occur. Food and beverages are often a part of celebrations, but they don’t have to be the center of attention. With a few easy changes, the focus at parties can shift from unhealthy food to healthy fun!

How Our Gardens Grow: Cultivating Nutrition and Learning Through Idaho School Gardens (2011) (PDF | 43 MB)

Idaho State Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs.

The ten School Garden Grant sites featured in this booklet provide examples of ways to implement a school garden.

School Meal Parent Campaign Resources (2013) (PDF | 7.55 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition; University of Iowa.

Posters promoting the National School Lunch Program to parents.


Making Worksite Wellness Work at Your School (May 2013) (PDF | 2.33 MB)

Iowa Department of Public Health; Iowa Department of Education.

Provides school staff with suggestions to get an employee wellness program started.

Walking Works for Schools Toolkit (April 2013) (PDF | 1.87 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Guide for planning a walking program at your school.

No- to Low-Cost Ways to Promote Physical Activity in the Child Care Setting (April 2013) (PDF | 8.51 MB)

Team Nutrition Iowa.

This card set provides fun and interactive physical activities for young children that can be done without costly equipment.

Expanding Farm to Childcare Webinar Expanding Farm to Childcare Webinar (March 2013)

Iowa Team Nutrition; Iowa State University Extension.

Covers a wide range of topics related to management of a farm to child care program.