Iowa State Developed Materials

School Wellness Policy Building Progress Report

Iowa Department of Education

Sample report districts can distribute to schools to complete an annual basis to document progress in meeting the district’s wellness policy goals at the building level. Please note this resource is based on the proposed rule and does does not include food/beverage marketing as its own section.

CACFP New Meal Pattern Menu with Best Practices

Iowa Department of Education

 4-week cycle menu for CACFP that follows the updated meal pattern and best practices.

CACFP Best Practices Checklist

Iowa Department of Education

Tool to help identify areas for improvement in implementing the CACFP meal pattern best practices.

Smarter Lunchroom Student Assessment

Iowa Department of Education

Student-friendly lunchroom assessment that students can use to help make Smarter Lunchroom cafeteria changes.

Smart Snacks Assessment

Iowa Department of Education

Tool to assess Smart Snack compliance through the school building. This can serve a useful tool to prepare for a School Nutrition Administrative Review.

Today I Made a Difference FS Signs

Iowa Department of Education

Signage to post on the cafeteria line for staff to view and "cue" them to interact with students to help them make the healthy choice, by "suggesting they try the vegetable" or "asking how their morning has been". 

CACFP Wellness Modules

Iowa Department of Education

The following online training modules support healthy child care environments: CACFP Meal Pattern Best Practices; Smarter Mealtime Scorecard; Farm to CACFP; Opportunities for Active Play; Meaningful Mealtimes; Nutrition Education; Trying New Foods; and Healthy Menu Makeover. Enrollment key is pineapple. CACFP training credit hours are available.

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals

Iowa Department of Education

Take n' Talk Menu (PDF | 464 KB)

Iowa Department of Education. Team Nutrition.

Indianola Middle School students were involved in a pilot to develop grab n’ go menu combinations that are tasty and appealing. The students developed the name, “Take n’ Talk” as they were excited about this convenient option, which allows them more time to socialize during lunch. The results of the pilot include a 2 week cycle menu, recipes, certification worksheets, and weighted nutrition values.

School Wellness Community Guide (PDF | 2.61 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition. Iowa Action for Healthy Kids.

This guide provides information on how to engage communities in school wellness programs.

Pick a Better Snack™ (PDF | 711 KB)

Iowa Department of Health; Iowa Department of Education.

Campaign that encourages fruit and vegetable choices for snacks. Includes elementary classroom lessons, bingo cards, marketing materials, fact sheets, and family newsletters (newsletters are also available in Spanish).

Healthy Eating Posters

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Encourage students to drink more water and to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fat-free or low-fat milk with these posters.
- Strong, Fast, The Best I Can Be- Milk (PDF | 773 KB)
- Milk: Choose Fat-free or Low-fat (PDF | 3.10 MB)
- Make Half Your Plate Fruit and Vegetables (PDF | 215 KB)
- Drink Water Instead of Sugary Drinks (PDF | 555 KB)

Healthy Schools - It's a Team Effort! Workshops

Iowa Department of Education.

The Iowa Department of Education’s Team Nutrition Program partnered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation to hold workshops led by registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs). The two-hour workshops were held across the state and provided training for elementary teachers and staff to support a school wellness environment through nutrition education and physical activity.

Steps to Success (2016) (PDF | 534 KB)

Iowa Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Introductory workshop on CACFP administration for centers including the following modules: Menu Planning, Production Records, Healthy Child Care, Income Applications, Counting & Claiming, Financial Reports, Online Claims, Training, Civil Rights, Review Preparation, New Organizations, Emergency Shelters, Center Sponsors, Infant Feeding, At-Risk Program, Outside School Hours, and Adult Care.

Go Local and Get GREEN! Choose Local Products for Healthy Fundraisers (April 2016) (PDF | 386 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Great fundraiser ideas, ideas for implementation that promote active lifestyles, and additional resources.

Administrator School Breakfast Survey (2015) (507 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

The University of Iowa conducted an online survey of K-12 school administrators in the state of Iowa (n=152). The purpose of the survey was to better understand administrator perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs around the school breakfast program and determine barriers and facilitators to improving school breakfast program participation in Iowa schools.

Twitter Toolkit for School Cafeterias (2014) (PDF | 1.57 MB)

Iowa Department of Education.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide food service directors, cafeteria workers, and school administrators with information and resources to develop and manage their own Twitter account, including how to set up an account, how to develop messages, what to tweet about, and how to increase your followers. This resource can be used to target middle and high school students.

Iowa Farm to School Poster (December 2014) (PDF | 3.21 MB)

Iowa Department of Education.

Developed in partnership with Iowa commodity organizations, Des Moines Public Schools nutrition education, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and Food Corps. The poster highlights foods that are grown in the state of Iowa.

School Wellness Policy Building Level Assessment Tool (October 2014) (PDF | 119 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

An easy to use assessment tool to be utilized at the building level to assess progress in meeting the district school wellness policy.

School Breakfast Best Practice Guide (August 2014) (PDF | 608 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

The guide represents the student perspective on practices related to school breakfast and provides solutions to common school breakfast challenges including: awareness, competing priorities, timing, location, food preferences, and misconceptions.

Flavor Shakers (August 2014) (PDF | 389 KB)

Iowa Department of Education.

Chef Deanna Olson created these low-sodium herb/seasoning mixtures to be utilized in child care and schools to decrease sodium consumption.

Iowa Recess Before Lunch (July 2014) (PDF | 1.19 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition Program; Iowa State University Extension; Midwest Dairy Council.

Pilot programs were conducted in 3 Iowa elementary schools. Results per school building and a guide to assist schools in making the determination of moving recess before lunch are available.

School Breakfast Reimbursable Meal Identification Signage (June 2014)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

School breakfast signage to assist students in selecting their meal choices and to reduce unintentional purchase of food items not included in the reimbursable meal.

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals (June 2014) (PDF | 595 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

This resource provides ideas on how to increase consumption and reduce food waste in schools.

Snacks from A to Z (March 2014) (PDF | 604 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

A handout for child care centers, home childcares, and preschools that lists snack ideas according to letter.