Michigan State Developed Materials

Alternatives To Foods As Rewards (PDF | 135 KB)

Michigan State University Extension. Michigan Team Nutrition.

Includes a list of zero-cost and low-cost alternatives for students to enjoy instead of being offered food as a reward at school.

Michigan Team Nutrition logo Five Steps to Launch a Breakfast Showcase (PDF | 1.12 MB)

Michigan Department of Education.

A Breakfast Showcase is a great way to introduce new menu items, serving methods and delivery systems while also increasing School Breakfast Program participation. The Five Steps in the link below will lead you to a successful Breakfast Showcase!

School Breakfast Assessment Tool (PDF | 140 KB)

Michigan Department of Education. Team Nutrition Michigan.

Schools can use this tool to assess their School Breakfast Program and develop an action plan to improve SBP participation.

Team Nutrition Michigan - School Breakfast Success Stories (Videos) (2014-2015)

Team Nutrition Michigan, Michigan Department of Education.

These 20 video clips highlight the importance of School Breakfast Programs (SBP) and show how Team Nutrition Michigan worked with schools to make their SBP a success!