Missouri State Developed Materials

FreshLIFE Enjoy a Salad Today!
  • FreshLIFE Enjoy a Salad Today! is a marketing campaign for middle and high schools offering salad bars. Like its sister program for elementary schools, Rainbow Days, FreshLIFE’s mission is to promote salad bars to students and to market school lunch programs.

Missouri Culinary Skills Institute’s

The Missouri Culinary Skills Institute’s mission is to support nutrition environments in schools by advancing the culinary skills and abilities of food service staff. The Institute offers hands-on culinary lab experiences that put in practice healthy cooking methods, the preparation and evaluation of healthy kid-tested recipes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

Missouri RBL Toolkit

Recess Before Lunch (RBL) is a change in the traditional scheduling order of lunchtime and recess. As the name implies, RBL allows students to go to recess first and then eat lunch. While the concept of flipping recess before lunch sounds simple, the Missouri RBL Toolkit provides careful planning, key talking points, trouble shooting ideas and efficient direction so that the change in schedule becomes successful. A power point presentation accompanies the toolkit.

Setting the Stage for Eating Well: The Nutrition Environment (PDF | 1.28 MB)

State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services; Missouri Team Nutrition.

Presentation introduces preschool teachers and food service staff to the benefits of family-style meals.

Eat Smart, Child Care (2016)

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Community Food and Nutrition Assistance.

Set of nutrition related recommendations and support materials for child care facilities.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids, Healthy Future Campaign

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services. Team Nutrition.

Check out these resources to help support parents' involvement in school wellness.