Montana State Developed Materials

Smarter Lunchrooms Success Stories

Montana Team Nutrition. Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Find out how Montana schools are using Smarter Lunchroom strategies to make their school meals programs more successful!

Innovative Strategies for Creating Smarter Lunchrooms in Montana High Schools (PDF | 3.42 MB)

Montana Team Nutrition. Montana Office of Public Instruction.

This poster was presented at the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior’s 2015 Annual Conference. In this project, Montana Team Nutrition shows how they applied Smarter Lunchroom strategies in high school cafeterias to decrease plate waste.

Montana Harvest of the Month

Montana Office of Public Instruction. Montana Team Nutrition.

The Montana Harvest of the Month program showcases Montana grown foods in Montana schools and communities. The two primary goals for this program are to expose students to new, healthy foods and to support Montana’s farmers and ranchers.

Creating Smarter Lunchrooms

Montana Office of Public Instruction. Cornell University.

Create a Smarter Lunchroom by using easy no-cost and low-cost changes to encourage students to select, eat, and enjoy healthier foods in school. Smarter Lunchrooms strategies can maintain or improve revenue and increase participation while decreasing food waste. Montana schools are seeing positive results with Smarter Lunchrooms techniques. These same techniques can be used in child care centers, restaurants, grocery stores, food banks, at home, at work- anywhere people make food choices.

Creating Positive and Pleasant Mealtimes for Schools and Early Childhood Programs (2011)

Montana Team Nutrition.

This training resource addresses a variety of mealtime scenarios and tips for positive meal time practices. Materials include a video, poster, handouts, PowerPoint presentation, and recorded webinar. Separate resources are available for school professionals and child care providers.

mixed legumes Top Ten Tips for Using Legumes in School Meals (2009) (PDF | 28 MB)

Montana Team Nutrition.

Tips and tricks for adding legumes in school meals.

Is Your School Ready to Take the HUSSC:SL Challenge? (2016) (410 KB)

Montana Team Nutrition. Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Use this easy-to-use checklist to determine if your school is ready to take the Healthier US School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms (HUSSC:SL) Challenge!

Let's Eat at School Brochure (2004) (PDF | 158 KB)

Montana Team Nutrition.

Tips for keeping up teen participation in school nutrition programs.

Fun Food Ideas for Classroom Parties (2003) (PDF | 101 KB )

Montana Team Nutrition.

Incorporate nutritious and delicious foods and drinks in classroom parties.

Healthy Ideas for Student Rewards (2003) (PDF | 105 KB)

Montana Team Nutrition.

Discover healthy alternatives to food rewards with this list of ideas and vendors.

Mind and Body: Activities for the Elementary Classroom (June 2003) (PDF | 6.07 MB)

Montana Team Nutrition. Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Provides a wealth of physical activities to be done in the classroom with young children.