Boat to School

Deepen children’s understanding of local seafood resources by integrating locally caught seafood into the school meals program.

Fish to Schools Program

Sitka Conservation Society.

This Web site contains information about the Sitka “Fish to Schools” Program, which brings locally caught fish into the lunchroom and is coupled with “Stream to Plate” curriculum.

Oregon Delivers Local Seafood From Boat To School (April 2013)

Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Read information about the Boat to School Program at Bend-LaPine School District in Oregon, which includes local seafood on school lunch menus.

Community Supported Fisheries


This Web site has information about Community Supported Fisheries (CSF), and resources on starting/maintaining or finding a CSF.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Curricula

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.

This Web site has grade-specific marine science lessons for K-6, as well as links to other curricula and resources.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Curricula

Monterey Bay Aquarium.

This Web site has a variety of sea and fish-related curricula that are standards-based, including the anatomy of a fish and ocean poetry.