Alaska State Developed Materials

Alaska Lunch Tray (PDF | 2.27 MB)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

This document illustrates the food sources each part of Alaska produces for use in schools.

School Wellness Policy Annual Report Checklist (2015) (PDF | 568 KB)

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

This fillable document is used by some Districts in Alaska to develop reports on the school wellness policies and prepare for their review. This example can be adapted for other States and jurisdictions to meet their needs.

Nutrition Foundations for Alaska School Meals: A Nutrition Guide for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program (2012) (PDF | 5.4 MB)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

A guide for meeting the new school meal regulations.This nutrition information will help every school instill healthy eating habits in students by reducing sugar, sodium, and high-fat foods and increasing healthy food items like whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Wellness in Alaska Child Care Wellness in Alaska Child Care: Best Practices (November 2012) (3.29 MB)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

Best practices for healthy eating and physical activity in the child care setting.

Alaska School Garden Food Safety Guidelines (August 2011) (PDF | 825 KB)

Farm to School Alaska. Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Agriculture, Inspections Services.

This document provides guidelines for safely growing, harvesting, and using produce from school gardens.