Rice Recipes

USA Rice Federation

Many recipes using whole grain brown rice.

Cooking with Whole Grains (2010)

Idaho State Department of Education. Child Nutrition Programs.

This training kit was developed to provide school food service personnel with the knowledge and skills to serve more whole grains in their school meals programs.

Whole Grains for Schools - Foodservice Recipes (PDF | 124 KB)

Whole Grains Council.

Many foodservice personnel feel challenged working with new and unfamiliar ingredients, and this collection of recipes suitable for school foodservice will make the transition easier.

School Food Service Quantity Recipes

Wheat Foods Council.

These tested recipes feature whole wheat foods and include nutritional information. Recipes include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cinnamon Toast Sticks, Neat Wheat Joes, Pioneer Rolls, Turkey with a Twist, Wheat Dinner Rolls, Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake, Whole Wheat Muffins, and Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies.