Photograph of a garlic bulb.

A clove of garlic is small, but packs a big taste! This relative of the onion has is a must-have ingredient in many favorite dishes.

Discover MyPlate: Vegetables

Discover MyPlate includes six Emergent Readers featuring kindergarten-level sight words that help children build literacy skills while learning about the five food groups and MyPlate.

Vegetables includes the sight words: I, have (used in Lessons 1 and 3)
A MyPlate Meal includes the sight words: I, she, he, we, has, have

Garlic Recipes


Quantity recipes containing garlic from the USDA Mixing Bowl.

Bag of Garlic Garlic Photo

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

This high-quality photo of a large bag of garlic could be used as part of a display or on a flyer. From the Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery.