National Herb Week (1st week in May)

Fresh Herbs: a Picture of Healthy Eating (PDF | 2,920 KB)

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Information and tips on how to pick, store, prepare, and cook fresh herbs.

Cooking with Fresh Herbs

University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Provides tips and videos for using fresh herbs in the kitchen and includes a herb food pairing chart.

Menu Planning: Sodium Reduction

Resources for reducing sodium in school meals. Many include tips on how to add flavor using herbs.

MyGarden School Meals Resource

Michigan Department of Education

Provides information on how to start a school garden. Features a list of annual and perennial herbs and details foods and recipes they complement.

Reduce Sodium in School Meals

Indiana Department of Education.

This two-page handout provides suggestions for limiting high-sodium foods, tips for modifying recipes that use high-sodium ingredients, and a chart of common seasonings to use in place of salt.


Institute of Child Nutrition.

Guide to using herbs and spices in school meals.