National Strawberry Month

The Great Garden Adventure The Great Garden Detective Adventure: A Standards-Based Gardening Nutrition Curriculum for Grades 3 and 4

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Strawberries are grown and studied throughout the curriculum.

Grow it, Try it, Like it Grow It, Try It, Like It!

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Book 7 is all about strawberries! Lessons, recipes, and planting instructions are included. This curriculum is for preschool aged children.

School Food Service Strawberry Recipes

California Strawberry Commission.

Smoothie, parfait, and dessert recipes using strawberries.

Strawberries & More

University of Illinois Extension

Nutrition information, fun facts, recipes, and history of strawberries are available through this resource.

Strawberry Resources

Strawberry recipes, fact sheets, and images.