National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Discover MyPlate: Fruits

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition

Discover MyPlate includes six Emergent Readers featuring kindergarten-level sight words that help children build literacy skills while learning about the five food groups and MyPlate.

Fruits includes the sight words: the, is, eat, are, I
A MyPlate Meal includes the sight words: I, she, he, we, has, have

Missouri’s Fruits and Vegetables Harvest Calendar

Missouri’s Fruits and Vegetables Harvest Calendar (24” w x 36” h poster) is a colorful calendar for schools participating in the National School Lunch or Breakfast Program that promotes Missouri’s bountiful and seasonal harvest.

10 Tips Nutrition Education Series

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

This resource offers several tip sheets dealing with fruits and vegetables.

Fruits & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

Fruits & Vegetables Galore is a tool for school foodservice professionals packed with tips on planning, purchasing, protecting, preparing, presenting and promoting fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetables Resources

Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables daily is important to your health. Find resources such as recipes, food safety information, and links to produce boards to help motivate your students and staff!

Fruits and Vegetables Bulletin Board Resources

Provides ideas and printable materials on the when, why, how, and where of fruits and vegetables for classroom bulletin boards.

Grow It! Try It! Like It! Grow It! Try It! Like It!

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition

Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit Featuring MyPlate is a garden-themed nutrition education kit for child care center staff that introduces children to: three fruits - peaches, strawberries, and cantaloupe, and three vegetables - spinach, sweet potatoes, and crookneck squash. The kit includes seven booklets featuring fruits and vegetables with fun activities through the imaginary garden at Tasty Acres Farm! It also has a CD-ROM with Supplemental Information and a DVD with Cool Puppy Pup's Picnic and Lunch Parties. Each set of lessons contains: hands-on activities, planting activities, and nutrition education activities that introduce MyPlate. Use the kit to promote learning at home with fun parent/child activities and family-sized recipes that give tips for cooking with children.

Promoting Fruits and Vegetables In Schools: Wellness Policy Opportunities (PDF | 896 KB)

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Provides ideas on how to promote fruits and vegetables throughout the school and is based on the fruit and vegetable policies included in the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity Model Wellness Policies.

Fruit Recipes

USDA. Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services.

From the What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.

Vegetable Recipes

USDA. Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services.

From the What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl.