Hand Washing Bulletin Board Resources

"All Hands Need to Wash" Poster All Hands Need To Wash

Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service.

Includes brief, motivational facts and figures about handwashing practices, handwashing procedures, and when to wash hands.

Germ Buster Hand Washing Poster Be a Germ Buster- Wash Your Hands! (PDF | 864 KB)

Washington State Department of Health.

Uses large illustrations to show proper hand washing steps. Available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Korean, Nepalese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Food Safety Poster Hand Hygiene Posters and Resources

Minnesota Department of Health.

Posters covering when to wash, bacterial growth on hands, cross-contamination, soap use, handwashing procedures, and general handwashing reminders.

Food Safety Poster Handwashing Posters

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Several various handwashing posters covering different aspects of hand hygiene. These materials are tailored to various audiences and are also all available in Spanish.