National Popcorn Month

Popping Popcorn! (PDF | 168.68 KB)

Regent University.

This lesson plan can be used with children of grade levels 3-6. Children learn about popcorn and what makes it pop, they then apply what they have learned by designing an experiment of their own.

Popcorn with Pizzazz

Penn State Extension.

This recipe adds flavor to popcorn and can be done at home with a parent or at school as an activity.

Popcorn: Ingrained in America's Agricultural History

USDA. NAL. Special Collections.

Online exhibit on the history of popcorn and its importance in American agriculture.


The Popcorn Board.

This website has material for teachers and kids. Includes a booklist, activity sheets, educational materials for first through sixth grade, games, recipes, and popcorn tips.