Successtalk Purpose and Procedures

The following details the reason for this group, the basic courtesies that are expected, and other information. Please review this information carefully.


Successtalk is an e-mail discussion group intended as a communication tool to link school health professionals, child nutrition educators, principals, teachers, parents and community members who are interested in creating a healthy school nutrition environment. Members can share success stories, resources, information and innovative program ideas that encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Specific questions related to the school nutrition environment and nutrition education and are welcomed. Information about or requests for information regarding educational programs and materials are also appropriate. Mention of web sites, publications, etc. that might be of interest are also welcome. Please use descriptive subject headings so that subscribers can judge whether to read the posting or not. Messages should be polite comments that don't criticize or demean individuals or organizations. Message sent by individuals who are subscribed to Successtalk will go to the list. Messages sent by anyone else will come to the listowner first and then be forwarded to the list if appropriate.

No Advertising or Marketing

Successtalk is not an appropriate means of advertising or promoting specific products, and members may not advertise a product/service from which they stand to have a financial gain. If you are not sure if your message is promotional in nature, have a non-interested friend critique it for you or send it to the Successtalk Listowner for approval. Persons advertising on Successtalk will be taken off the Successtalk discussion group immediately.


It is expected that the "tone" of Successtalk will remain civil at all times. Replies of a personal nature should not be sent to the group. Please include your name and affiliation in posted messages, as this will be of interest to readers.

Note: Occasionally there may be messages that are of an inflammatory, non-evidenced based nature. The best way to deal with these messages is to delete them without responding. Senders of such messages are just looking for a response. If no such response is forthcoming, they usually move on.

Sending Messages

The email address of the discussion group is: Please use descriptive Subject: headings so that subscribers can judge whether to read the posting or not.

Subscribing / Unsubscribing

To subscribe, please complete the online membership form.

To unsubscribe, email the list owner, or unsubscribe yourself at: You should receive notice of your subscription or removal actions.


Please do not send requests to unsubscribe or subscribe to the entire list (i.e. to the Successtalk e-mail address). If you have tried to unsubscribe and are unsuccessful, send a message to the list owner at:

Successtalk Archived Messages

You can search through archived messages at:!forum/successtalklist.


Information posted on this list does not reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.