Child Care Providers

Serving Safe Food in Child Care Training

Institute of Child Nutrition.

CARE Connection: Food Safety

Institute of Child Nutrition.

These lessons address safety and sanitation in preparing and serving meals in child care centers and family day care homes.

Child Care Mini Posters

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Find food safety mini posters on a number of food safety issues affecting child care centers, available in English and Spanish.

Food Safety Checklist (PDF | 104 KB)

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Child care providers can complete this daily checklist to monitor food safety and sanitation practices. From the Caregivers Promoting Health Habits program.

Serving Safe Food in Child Care Webinar Series

Institute of Child Nutrition.

This four-part series of 1-hour Web seminars focused on food safety in child care centers and family day care homes. The series offers a four step process for keeping the foods served to young children in the child care setting safe: clean, separate, cook, and chill.

La Vida de Matilde (The Life of Matilde)

New Mexico State University.

This 34-minute Spanish-language telenovela (soap opera) follows Matilde as she learns the importance of food safety in caring for small children.

Norovirus Prevention Resources

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Communication and training resources that identify tools needed to understand the risks associated with norovirus and prevention strategies in school and child care nutrition program settings.

Food Safety for Caregivers of Infants