Waste Management

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals Programs

Iowa Department of Education.

Overview of strategies to increase consumption and decrease food waste in schools developed by Iowa Department of Education in partnership with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

U.S. Food Waste Challenge: K-12 Schools

USDA. Office of the Chief Economist.

Schools across the country are stepping up to the challenge! Learn how you can get on board.

Creative Solutions to Ending School Food Waste

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

Recess Before Lunch

Studies show that When recess is scheduled before lunch, plate waste decreases.

Greening the School Nutrition Scene (PDF | 2.4 MB)

National Food Service Management Institute.

A guide for developing and sustaining green/environmental conservation practices for school nutrition professionals.

What's In Your Garbage? Conducting School Waste Audits

Oregon Green Schools.

Tools to assist you in conducting a school waste audit.

Waste Management: Rethinking School Lunch (PDF | 272 KB)

Center for Ecoliteracy.

Provides information on waste management and the policy of the Berkeley Unified School District.

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals (June 2014) (PDF | 595 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

This resource provides ideas on how to increase consumption and reduce food waste in schools.