Wee Recyclers

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A recycling activity and learning guide for educators and children ages 3-5.

Organizing Cafeteria Recycling Programs in Elementary Schools: A How-to Guide (PDF | 77 KB)

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Elementary School Environmental Education Program.

Provides a 10-step guide to starting a cafeteria recycling program at an elementary school. Although some of the information is specific to Los Angeles County, it can easily be adapted with local information.

Plastic Milk Bottle Recycling

National Dairy Council.

A variety of resources to support milk bottle recycling in your school:

  • Going, Going, Green! with Recyclable Plastic Milk Bottles (PDF | 183 KB)
  • Recycling Plastic Milk Bottles at School: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF | 238 KB)

  • Greening the School Nutrition Scene (PDF | 2.4 MB)

    National Food Service Management Institute.

    A guide for developing and sustaining green/environmental conservation practices for school nutrition professionals.