Walk / Bike to School

Communities can increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk or bike to and from school. Use these resources to start or enhance a program in your area!

Safe Routes to School District Policy Workbook (July 2015)

ChangeLab Solutions.

Interactive Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook is designed to help school board members, administrators, families of students, and community members create and implement policies that support active transportation and Safe Routes to School programs. The workbook will walk you through a series of policy options to help you build your own customized Safe Routes to School policy, which you can download and use in your community.

National Center for Safe Routes to School


Local, regional, and national efforts to increase safe walking and bicycling for school children have burgeoned since the Federal SRTS program began. Today, a strong network of State Coordinators and local program leaders, an engaged group of advocates and an increasing body of knowledge on "what works," contribute to the growth of Safe Routes to School programs across the nation. Learn more about the national progress of the federal Safe Routes to School program here.

Walk to School and Bike to School Day


Read about the reasons why people choose to participate in Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day, find out how you can tell if your school or program is ready to join the celebrations, and learn more about the history of these events.

Georgia Safe Routes to Schools

Georgia Department of Transportation.

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program empowers communities to make walking and bicycling to school a safe and routine activity once again. Georgia's SRTS Resource Center assists schools and communities with education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation, planning and other non-construction related SRTS activities.

Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

In all that we do, the Safe Routes to School National Partnership aims to advance policy change, catalyze support for healthy communities, foster a commitment to equity in active transportation, and share our deep expertise to improve support for walking and bicycling to school and beyond.

Safe Routes to School Toolkit

City of Oakland, California.

TransForm, we believe that all Californians should be able to live in wonderful places with safe, abundant options to get where they need to go. That’s why we are building a movement to transform our communities and transportation. With new solutions, smarter investments, and better planning, we can together transform our future into one defined by access, health, justice, and sustainability. Get involved!

Safe Routes to School - Toolkit

Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Safe Routes to School programs encourage children in grades K-8 to walk and bike to school by creating safer walking and biking routes. SRTS programs improve walking and biking travel options, promote healthier lifestyles in children at an early age, and decrease auto-related emissions near schools.

Walking Works for Schools Toolkit (April 2013) (PDF | 1.87 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Guide for planning a walking program at your school.

Stories in Motion

Team Nutrition Iowa.

In-class activity breaks about walking and biking to school safely.