What’s Shaking: Creative Ways to Boost Flavor With Less Sodium


What’s Shaking? Creative Ways to Boost Flavor With Less Sodium is a national collaborative sodium reduction initiative to foster creative ways to boost flavor and maximize taste to support efforts to lower the sodium content of school meals. This Web site is dedicated to helping the school community find the resources they need to increase awareness of the need for dietary sodium reduction, as well as ensure school meals meet current sodium standards.

About What's Shaking

Read on for more information about USDA’s national collaborative sodium reduction initiative, its partners, and activities.

Salt Shaker bubbles Background

Find information regarding sodium reduction in school meals, including timelines, amounts and school meal pattern rules.

Resources for School Nutrition Professionals

Find handouts, infographics, recipes, menus, culinary techniques, and other resources to support sodium reduction.

Resources for School Administrators, Teachers and Staff

Get information and new ideas on how to support sodium reduction and a healthy school environment.

Community Connection

Perfect for parents, other caregivers, youth engagement and others searching for resources on sodium reduction, including infographics, tip sheets, recipes and more!

Sodium Reports and Studies

Review research related to levels of sodium intake in children and adults.

NEW! Calendar of Events

Stay updated on upcoming webinars, conferences, presentations and more related to sodium reduction.